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“On a mission to inspire the lives of at least one billion people in my time and beyond”

Nershen has been researching human behaviour since the age of 14 after being inspired by a book by John Kehoe called Mind Power.

He has since attended numerous personal development courses and seminars in the quest to find out what the universal laws are and how to use them to our advantage to live inspired and purposeful lives.

He believes that he is now uncovering some of the answers to mastering our lives by becoming a student of Dr John Demartini who is a polymath and master of 300+ areas of human behaviour. (

Nershen has become a Demartini Facilitator via the Demartini Institute and has used the Demartini method to touch the lives of many people via his coaching, workshops and talks.

Qualifications & Experience

Nershen holds a BSc. from the University of KwaZulu Natal and has almost 20 years of experience in the business and corporate world, working mainly as a business analyst in financial services, government, education, construction, telecoms, retail etc. He has also run a few of his own businesses in the motor industry and internet shopping industry.

As a Human Behaviour Specialist, he holds the following qualifications:

  • Executive Coaching – University of Cape Town
  • Demartini Method Facilitator – Demartini Institute
  • Demartini Values Facilitator – Demartini Institute

He has accumulated well over 1000 hours of corporate and personal coaching, mentoring, teaching and speaking.

He is regularly selected to facilitate at Dr John Demartini’s flagship, worldwide program, The Breakthrough Experience.

Corporate Services

Maximising Employee Engagement

  • Understanding Human Values
  • Recruitment Strategies – Screening
  • Increasing Employee Effectiveness
  • Effective Leadership Principles
  • Conflict Resolution

Maximising Client Engagement

  • Serving People
  • Effective Sales/Negotiation Skills

Executive Coaching

  • One on One Coaching

Keynote Speaking

Personal Services

  • Personal Coaching

  • Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Wealth Creation

  • Addiction Resolution

  • Activating Genius and Potential with Kids


  • Nershen has assisted me through some difficult lows in my life by helping me to understand and evaluate what is important to me. His gentle, non-intrusive way of getting to the crux of an issue to dissolve it is truly enlightening and I have felt immense relief and clarity post our sessions.

    Marishka A (MBA), Business Lead
  • Nershen blew my mind. He showed up very prepared and invested in me. I had a very deep, insightful session with multiple breakthroughs. Highly recommend!

    Christopher G Owner of Exploring Possibly (Podcast series), Entrepreneur
  • I first met Nershen on Table Mountain when a mutual friend brought him along to enjoy my 347th consecutive climb as I closed in my goal of 365. Already a huge believer in the power of gratitude, it was wonderful to finally hear the science behind why it works. As part of my fundraising campaign to build homes, teach children to read and increase the Leukaemia database – he generously offered to host a day course with all the proceeds going to my project 365 Ubuntu Climbs. Every attendee found it transformative, thanks to his ability to demonstrate complex ideas simply matched by his smile. If you’re looking to give yourself the best opportunity to move forward in life with purpose and gratitude – Nershen's your guy

    Andrew Patterson 365 Ubuntu Climbs, Educator, Extreme Athlete, International Speaker and World Record Holder
  • Nershen provided a wealth of valuable knowledge, information and incredible insights into the coaching and working sessions that we have had together. His dedicated service to you and to the world, brings his combined business acumen, personal experiences and in-depth knowledge of personal mastery and mind set into manageable and practical methods to apply. Nershen works with utmost dedication, sincerity and authenticity and I gained huge insights into the mind, myself and the way I was in situations, challenges and relationships. I would highly recommend Nershen to work with in your coaching, personal, relationship or business development journey.

    Sharon A LinkedIn Specialist, Trainer & Coach
  • At first I was not a believer in the Demartini method, but decided to be more open to it and explore it further.  Well, Nershen has since helped me with numerous issues using the method and I am now a firm believer and supporter in the work he does.  My advice to all family and friends and anyone else I come into contact with is to give Nershen a try.  I find myself now using the method in my daily life as well, as it has helped tremendously.  So anyone doubting whether or not he and the work he does is legit, all I can say is give it a try, you have nothing to lose - except all your issues that need to be dissolved

    Cindy C Owner of Teleios Events
  • As our guest speaker, Nershen, led the topic on Human Behaviour at our first internal innovation & collaboration session (innov8) for 2020. We unpacked Human Behaviour within corporate culture and how, we, as individuals can define and fulfil our purpose on a daily basis. This resulted in new insights for our audience and in particular, helped our audience’s perspective to shift, in a practical way. Nershen guided us on how to align our current situation to our values and empowered us to define our own purpose so that we may all live a holistic and fulfilled life. Thank you very much, Nershen. You are on your way to achieving your goal of helping one billion people!!

    Yusuf K Old Mutual Innov8 Forum Organiser and Lead Functional Analyst
  • Nershen's in depth knowledge of the Demartini method and his passion for helping people be their authentic selves makes him a powerful coach - inspired action is natural - we only need the right person to create the space for you to understand that you are already an inspirational individual and that's where Nershen shines!

    Nicole R SAP BI Consultant
  • Working with Nershen has been eye-opening to say the least. I have gained perspective, knowledge and insights, but the most important thing I've gained is the accountability to know that I am in control of my own life. As a kid if someone asked me what super power I would like to have, I'd have said super strength or x-ray vision. As an adult, Nershen has helped me find the best super power I could ever have wished for, and it was within me all along.

    Shaun D Owner of Fresh, Delish, Delivered

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